for Smartphones and Tablets
per month on 1 device



  • Digital database management
  • Fully configurable survey forms
  • Simple way of collecting information and comments
  • Customizable
  • Dynamic
  • Works offline
  • Tablets and Smartphones/iOS and Android
  • Secure server/device data communication
  • Suitable for any event, trade show, conference, fair
  • Manageable from the back end in real time
  • Optimized synchronization
  • Capturing of photos and images from your device’s camera
  • Number of events and contacts without limits
  • Online dashboard for the App control
  • Export data in CSV or Excel formats
  • Data acquisition from multiple devices
  • Sustainable development
  • Recognizable: each contact is associated with a photo

Any questions?

What is it for?

JetContacts is a complete mobile solution that allows you to digitize your whole process of acquiring and managing contacts. From the creation of customizable forms to an advanced review system, to the data import. You will avoid collecting business cards, risking to loose your contacts and wasting time in trying to understand information written on small pieces of paper. JetContacts is a dynamic app that will help your company to enter the field of trade marketing.

Where can I use it?

The app, dynamic and customizable, is perfect for exhibitions, events, conventions, trade shows and meetings. It is essential for all occasions where you can acquire new contacts. It’s an advanced review tool tailored to your needs.

For which device is it available?

JetContacts is available for any device: iOS, Android, smartphones and tablets. The app is able to work without connection to the Internet or in case of network congestion: as soon as you get connected, all of the saved data will be sent to the server automatically.

How can I use the collected contacts?

All collected data can be exported in Excel or CSV format and can be downloaded from the back office. You can then transfer the data to your company CRM or business intelligence in a digital format. The software can be managed entirely from the back office: you can configure your app with customizable data, according to your needs.